About us

The Rotodur experts are responsible for the production of high quality special tools, precision machine parts for high strain and wear conditions and hardmetal parts in micro-ranges for all application fields. In addition to this, one branche make part of the company: Rotodur SA in Biel is specialized in manufacturing micro hardmetal parts - which is realized with 10 skilled employees.


Currently, the Gränichen staff consists of 20 highly qualified professionals. The site covers about 800 square meters of production area ans facilities. Here, a wide range of hardmetals is made from powder mixtures by an advanced sintering procedure and manufactured into blanks for tools and machine parts. These precision parts are then further processed in thousandth-mm ranges by different technologies, such as grinding, honing, lapping, polishing and the high-tech "electro-erosion".

Normally, the hardmetal treatment is carried out using special tools and corresponding machines and facilities. The "traditional" procedures like lathing, milling and drilling only cover about 10% of the production output. Therefore, the skilled specialists have already completed training in the metalworking sector - mainly as toolmaker, mechanic or poly-mechanic. Additionally, they are trained on their job within the company according to the principle "learning by doing".

By the way, the Rotodur state-of-the-art technology applies to ecology, too: Cooling liquids, which are used for diamond tool grinding treatment, are reprocessed in a closed water circuit.