History of the company

1969 Foundation of the Rotodur AG
by Paul Füchslin, Ludwig Grüter and Josef Kolb; head office: Entfelderstrasse 45, CH-5000 Aarau

1980 Establishment of the international sales Organisation
by our sales director Beat Sollberger 

1981 Takeover of the EHA AG, Gränichen
new head office of the Rotodur AG: Nordstrasse 2, CH-5722 Gränichen

1984 The company's productions capacity expanded
Opening of the Biel branch Rotodur SA

1987 Metallurgy department estblished
for manufacturing powder metallurgy products (harmetal)

1990 Rotodur moved into new production building in Biel
rue de Zurich 23, CH-2504 Biel

1991 Takeover of hardmetal treating company
Intergrind SA, via segoma 3, CH-6825 Capolago TI

1996 Construction and erection of new sintering facility
equipped with fully automatic control system. Objective: 100% reproducibility and quality assurance

2002 Wire-erosion department expanded
including Agie-Callenge and Agie-Progress

2005 Wire erosion department renewed
Agie-Callenge replaced with a second Agie-Progress

2005 Expansion and modernization of sintering facility
two new sintering furnaces installed

2006 Expansion of milling department
new CNC-milling machine Kunzmann WF 7/3-320

2006 New acquisition of mesuring machine
Type Mitutoyo Legex 322

2007 Expansion of circular grinding department
new circular grinding machine Studer S20

2008 Expansion and modernization of cavity sinking department
new cavity sinking machine AgieCharmilles AT Spirit 2

2009 Management takeover
01.01.09: Rolf Fuechslin takes over the business from Paul Fuechslin as managing director

2009 Jubilee: 40 years Rotodur AG

2012 realization expansion Biel Branch
Expansion of the production area 
Integration of the Intergrind SA and renewal of the centerless grinding-machines

2013 Realization expansion headquarter Graenichen
Renewal and expansion of the building envelope and the ventilation / heating 
Expansion of the department Wire EDM with a third Agie Wire EDM machine 
Renewal of individual production

2013 Purchase of Cylindrical Grinding Machine KELA-VISTA UR 175/1000
as extension of our production method.

2016 Creation of new Corporate Design
by Deskall Kommunikation

2016 Purchase of Surface Grinding Machine ZIRSCH ZT 48
It enables the machining of greater dimensions.

2016 Moving ERP to the cloud.
Increase in efficiency and optimization of internal processes of our sites as a result of moving ERP to the cloud by itcnet AG.