‘Hardmetal’ basically describes a material group, which is characterized by high rigidity, hardness and minimum wear and produced by sintering: the pressed bodies made of metallic powder are manufactured under high pressure and adopt their typical hard metal properties after heat-treatment.

Our standard hardmetals are made of tungsten carbide and nickel-or cobalt-binder. These raw materials are supplied in powder form.

The tungsten carbide is responsible for the properties ‘hardness’ and ‘minimum wear’, whereas ‘rigidity’ is provided by nickel- and cobalt-binders. Apart from that, nickel-binder has another, very useful property: it makes the hardmetal corrosion-resisting and (when used properly) antimagnetic. If these properties are not required, we use cobalt-binder. The cobalt-bound metal is called ‘RGS’, the nickel-bound, antimagnetic hard metal ‘NMT’ and the nickel-bound, corrosion resisting hardmetal ‘NKT’.

Depending on your requirements, we will determine the corresponding hardmetal with you. The wide range includes standard and specially customized hardmetals. Our know-how and expertise in manufacturing of hardmetal guarantees optimum choice of material.

Trust in our year-long expertise and test us!